DIET...Another Four Letter Word

I have a friend who, after having children, could never seem to shake the extra pounds.  Every year the weight just seemed to creep up and so she finally decided to do something about it.  She knew she needed some accountability. She knew she needed some motivation. What she thought she needed was Weight Watchers! She signed up. She did the program: kept up with her points at each meal, weighed in each week and lost the weight.  On the outside, she looked great; she had lost 40 pounds! She transitioned to the maintenance plan and was diligent to follow it to a “T”, until she didn’t anymore. After a few months the weight slowly crept back and before she knew it, she had gained the 40 pounds back plus 10 more.

My friend decided to try Weight Watchers again because she knew the accountability gave her motivation and she knew from the last time that she would lose the weight again…she just needed to follow the plan perfectly and never veer from it again. Of course, it worked for a while, but the weight came back yet again, and then some. It's a vicious cycle. You know that person. Maybe you ARE that person. Why does this happen?

What the Diet companies have accomplished through their marketing is brilliant and very profitable because it creates repeat customers.  Their programs will work for a while but aren’t sustainable long-term for the vast majority of the population. These companies also know their weight-loss programs create results that ‘aren’t typical’ yet they showcase the before-and-after pictures of real people who have successfully completed the program, with the ‘results not typical’ disclaimer in small type at the bottom of the screen.

Diets and calorie restriction is simply not sustainable - this is a well-researched and known scientific fact. Frankly, the body is much smarter than we give it credit for and will ultimately protect you from starvation by holding onto fat (extra calories) when you start eating ‘normally’ again just in case you decide to restrict its calories in the future. Harvard confirmed this in a study they published that followed 90,000 dieters who had lost weight. Their results showed that 95% of them gained back the weight they had lost and more within a year of losing the weight.

In its simplest form, in order to maintain long term health and weight loss you have to eat nutritionally dense foods.  Not foods that come in a box or package that contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives, hormones, excess sodium and chemicals in them.  Your body doesn't recognize these ingredients as real food and doesn’t know what to do with them; essentially it causes weight gain, inflammation, low energy, poor sleep and a host of other health problems.

Find out how to harness the power you have within you to live a life of vitality through the food and lifestyle choices you make by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me today. Until next time, LIVE-POWER-FULLY

Michelle Ward