What is Clean-Crafted Wine?


It all started when…

I love wine. I love the social aspect of it. I love it with friends. I love it with family.

But, there came a point in my relationship with wine where it didn’t love me back. I would get rashes on my cheeks, have disrupted sleep, low energy the next day and even experienced the occasional headache.

It was in 2008 when my symptoms started to appear and I knew it was wine-related but I didn’t know why. I started doing some research and learned a little bit about what was lurking in my wine and found out that European wines had stricter standards than American wines so I found wines at Whole Foods from different countries and started to enjoy those instead.

However, the same symptoms would appear occasionally but I couldn’t figure out which wines were linked to which symptoms. It was somewhat of an anomaly and frustrating to say the least. So, I stopped drinking wine altogether after the symptoms became unpredictable and at times embarrassing (red cheeks) and unbearable (headaches, sleepless nights & low energy). That was sad to me because again, I love wine.

Fast forward a few years…

To the rescue, came Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted wines! These wines are procured by a Level 3 Sommelier from over 400 different boutique vineyards from around the world. And, they are certified clean-crafted through a rigorous double-lab testing process to ensure they are free of the junk that is found in commercially produced wines. Some of the ingredients that are NOT found in Scout & Cellar wines are:

  • Synthetic pesticides

  • Chemicals

  • Genetically modified ingredients

  • Added sugar

  • Added sulfites

  • Dyes

  • Enzymes

Since drinking these wines, and there are many to choose from, I have not experienced any of the symptoms I had in the past. This is because Scout & Cellar wines are just the grapes and a few sulfites (usually less than 50 ppm) and always tested for purity.

As a health coach to many women my age who love wine like I do, I knew I had to spread the word about these wines. And, I have had so many people thank me for introducing them to wine they can consume without worry anymore.

Try it for yourself and see. Shipping is free for orders $99 and there are so many great varieties to choose from that you’ll never miss the mass-produced junk again…or the headaches!