“Thank you for all of your help; the meal plan is amazing.  I have learned so much and you are a blessing in my life.”

 Julie S.


“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and patiently working alongside me.  With your help I not only sleep better, have more energy and started exercising but my blood work is back to normal, my blood pressure is normal, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’m off all of my medications!  Thank you Michelle - you saved my life!”

Cliff R.


“We had no idea what healthy really looked like until we started working with you.  You helped us make changes in every area of our life that has led to weight loss, better sleep, more energy, awareness about how food and lifestyle choices affect every aspect of our lives and you have given us a great gift by sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

Chris & Karen J.


“Michelle, I had no idea how food and environment were linked to how I feel.  You have debunked everything I thought I knew about being healthy leading to more energy, weight loss and a renewed sense of purpose!  Thank you for everything and keep on spreading the message of what true health is.”  

Louise D.


“My weight is down 30 pounds, my energy is high, I’ve started cooking more and the awareness you’ve helped me raise has led to a brighter outlook on life.  Thank you!”  

Charles E.


“I haven’t lost any weight but I’ve lost inches, I sleep better feeling rested when I wake up and have lasting energy throughout the day.  Thank you for opening my eyes to the correlation between food, lifestyle choices and an overall sense of wellbeing.”  

Emily J.


“Since I started your program, my stomach pain is gone and I feel like I have regained my life!  Your wealth of knowledge is astounding and I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to work together.  You have made such a difference in my life…thank you!”  

Becky O.


“I’m really being intentional about what I eat.  I’ve lost 4 pounds since we last met.  You are a great coach.  I felt so empowered after our meeting last week.”

Julie P.


“Thank you for your continued encouragement and guidance.  It helps more than you know and means a lot.”

Pam T.


“I’ve lost 11 pounds since we first started meeting two months ago.  I’m off all of my medications and I feel fabulous.  You’ve changed my life.”  

Melinda D.


“Thank you for being in my life!  You have given me a new perspective on life and a whole new reason to live. Not to mention, you’re like Yoda for all things health related.  Your knowledge and wisdom are amazing.”  

Judy L.